Helping you buy the right property

If you are thinking about purchasing a property we can help you select an investment and avoid buying what might be a long term liability!


We are very experienced at helping owners choose the right property and we will offer you a frank assessment of any property you are considering both from a desirability perspective and from an investment viewpoint. When looking at properties, we would suggest that you consider some important factors.

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How do we set a price for your property

We do not believe in price bands based solely upon property size. There are so many factors that can influence a holiday price. The most obvious is location but it can also be parking and access or it could be the standard of furnishing or exterior space. As such, properties are all priced individually.

There is a fine balance between achieving an appropriate level of bookings and achieving the right price while attracting customers. After all, we do not act in isolation from others in the area.

We understand this and with our experience make every effort to optimize the return on your investment. Things do change so we regularly conduct competitive analysis to ensure we are performing well and select the best pricing structure for your property.

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When you own your property – what next?

At Shoreline we believe that it is vital to offer a complete service to guests and that this must be reflected in the way we work with property owners or prospective owners. Some owners are local and can arrange all the required services for a successful holiday home but Shoreline cannot expect a remote owner to be capable of providing the service we, and our customers, aspire to.

After you have acquired a suitable property and fitted it out to a very high standard (we can assist with this too), it is then vital to have the right services to keep your investment safe and guests happy. Shoreline has offered a full range of services in Whitby for 15 years and in that time we have serviced over 14,000 holidays. This is a logistical challenge that should not be underestimated – particularly in the summer when the town is full and the winter when we can experience difficult weather conditions.