Highly focused marketing generates great results

Shoreline operates only in and around Whitby. This means that our entire marketing budget, PR activity and email campaigns are all focused on relevant, qualified prospective and past customers. This translates into occupancy levels beyond the reach of our competitors - on average over 35 bookings per year, with our most successful properties exceeding 50 bookings every year. We also deliver a 30% higher rental per booking compared to many of our competitors who simply sell on price.


Brand loyalty keeps our customers returning

Just under 40% of all our bookings are from returning customers. This is as a result of the quality of our properties and the service we offer. Our satisfaction surveys show that over 90% of customers had their expectations exceeded and 98% recommended us.

Here are just some of the ways in which we will market your property:

It takes over 120 visits to our web site to get a single booking. So to use the correct terminology, we have a marketing mix designed to locate customers in a cost effective way and to encourage prospective customers to visit our web site. We exceed 100,000 visitors a year on our web site and this is growing.

Google searches generate business

We make sure we are immediately visible for any search made that is relevant to cottages in Whitby by always being within the top 10 on the ‘organic’ list shown on a Google search. All you need to do is look at your own behaviour when using Google - few people look far down the search list and almost nobody goes past the third page.

Online advertising

We invest a substantial budget in advertising on relevant websites such as Welcome To Yorkshire, Whitby Online and many others. We have an automated email response system and respond to each request within two hours.

Email and text campaigns

Shoreline now has over 14,000 live e-mail addresses from everyone that has ever made an enquiry. We send out approximately 30,000 emails per month to generate bookings using special offers or reminders of events in the local area. We also regularly send targeted text message campaigns aimed to fill last minute gaps.

PPC - Pay Per Click

This is paid advertising on such search engines as Google, Bing and Facebook. We link this to special events happening in the area.


Social media

The most important source of business in the future will be social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and You Tube. Shoreline has over 15,00 followers on Facebook giving us great opportunity to communicate with them and their friends making a total reach in excess of 150,000 people. We are building our Twitter followers daily and are about to launch on YouTube.

In summary, if you are not online, you are not in business and Shoreline leads the way in the use of all these tools to deliver first class results for your property investment.