Shoreline Privacy & Cookie Policy

What information do we collect and how?

Visitors can enter personal details on numerous forms throughout the site, including forms for reserving a cottage holiday, requesting a brochure, and also for homeowner information.

Currently, Shoreline Cottages uses this personal information as a basis for notifications to users. These are called ‘opt-in’ emails.

At Shoreline Cottages, we will monitor the domains from which people enter the Shoreline Cottages website. We analyse this data for trends and statistics. Subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, different Shoreline Cottages websites may use accumulated data for different purposes, which include service evaluation, planning, and marketing analysis.

We also, like many other websites, use small files called Cookies, which are stored by the browser on your computer or mobile device. Users can opt out of the use of cookies at any time by switching these off through your browser. They allow websites to capture information such as user preferences and basic personal information which can be held for as long as necessary. We use this information to make sure our website works as efficiently possible and enhance our user experience.

What will the information be used for?

Where we collect names, addresses and other personal information including email addresses on our website, these will only be used by Shoreline Cottages. We will never pass that information on to any third parties.

‘Opt-in’ Emails: Visitors may ‘opt-in’ to receive site notifications, newsletters or other information via email. Visitors may remove themselves from such services at any time at their discretion. Any email sent to an ‘opt-in’ list will include directions for how an individual may remove him or herself from the list or an internet address where the user may find such directions.

Other Notification: We may use personal information to contact users on an individual basis, in order to implement or enforce the Terms of Service of the Shoreline Cottages website.

Direct Marketing: Subject to the above, we may as part of our business marketing activity, send information relevant to Shoreline Cottages products and services to individuals on our database. At any time individuals may request not to receive such information in the future.

Surveys and Resulting Information: Subject to the above, we may conduct surveys or other studies of our customer base and use this information for internal marketing and planning purposes. Participation in such surveys is at the individual’s option; Shoreline Cottages does not conduct mandatory surveys.

Site Security: Where we become aware that site security is compromised or non-public user information has been disclosed to unrelated third parties as a result of external activity, for example in the case of external security attacks, we shall take reasonable measures, which include internal investigation and notification to and cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

Other Information: Shoreline Cottages will, at no time, unless such disclosure is required by law or a user specifically authorises such disclosure, disclose individual user personal information that is not publicly available to unrelated third parties.

Where Shoreline Cottages becomes aware that an individual's personal information provided to us has been disclosed in a way not permitted by this Privacy Policy, we shall make reasonable efforts to notify the affected individual, as soon as possible and as permitted by law, of what information has been disclosed, to the extent that we know this information.

Should we update the privacy policy, we will both post the changed version and its effective date at this page. Concurrent with any change to the core privacy policy, we will email notice of the change to known users at least 15 days in advance.

The Shoreline Cottages website contains links to other websites, whether owned or controlled by Shoreline Cottages affiliates or unrelated third parties. Shoreline Cottages are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of any linked website.