Services We Provide

We provide laundry & cleaning using our experienced and trusted team who have worked for Shoreline for over 10 years. We have exacting standards and the team are highly trained and monitored to ensure that this is delivered.

We deliver excellent customer service including customer welcome, maintenance management, customer queries (from not being able to use TV’s to restaurant recommendations) and manage the occasional complaint.

Our local Whitby based team operate from 9am to 5pm, 365 days of the year. Out of hours cover for emergencies is provided from our administrative office in York.

We also ensure your property has all the day-to-day items needed, from dishwasher tablets, tea and coffee through to toilet rolls, light bulbs and remote control batteries.

Of course, things go wrong with all properties – washing machines break, sinks block, boilers fail amongst any number of other items. We take care of this for you so that you need have no contact whatsoever with the customers using your property for their holiday.


Keeping you informed and involved

Unique to Shoreline is our superb web based owner information system that provides you with direct access to your bookings. Alongside a host of other features, you are able to look at your account with Shoreline, view profit made on past bookings and projected profit on future ones. You can even extract the information you require for tax returns and look at booking trends. All this is easily accessible online and without the need to call us.

We conduct an annual business review to assess what might be done to improve your property or the manner in which we market it. We value your feedback and involvement at all times.

There are certain times of the year when your property is sure to be fully booked, but of course, you are free to use your property for your own pleasure whenever you choose for a pre-agreed number of weeks each year.

We look after your asset constantly

We look after your property as if it were our own. Properties used by holidaymakers expect to incur wear and tear. Loading and unloading of luggage is frequent, walls get scratched, spillages can occur and so on. Our Maintenance Manager and Housekeeper Manager both take care to ensure that we keep on top of these minor issues for you.


Whitby Abbey Autumn Colours


There are too many things to mention but we also take care of smaller jobs such as making sure your heating is turned down when the property is empty, emptying full bins prior to new guest arrivals, recycling, we send back lost luggage, we take utility meter readings and we also arrange and then meet with any contractors when for any maintenance jobs that need doing.

The list is endless but you can rest easy knowing that a professional business is taking care of this for you.